Fresno county wine journey

Despite living in Fresno for a very long time, I am surprised by just how many things I have yet to explore here. I recently discovered that Fresno County has a group of wineries just like Madera does (Madera Wine Trail).

The Fresno County Wine Journey is a conglomerate of 13 wineries, 2 breweries and 1 distillery. We have visited two of the wineries in this journey, Ziveli and LoMac (see my review of LoMac’s Rosé on GCV) so far. I’m also hyped about visiting the two breweries and distillery eventually; this makes the Fresno wine journey a bit more diverse than the Madera wine trail.

Fresno County gem attraction: Madera Wine Trail

The Madera Wine Trail is a collaboration of nine family wineries in Madera County, belonging to the Madera Vintners Association. As such, the wineries are quaint; cute and relatively small. This gives you an opportunity to potentially meet the winemakers themselves (I can attest to that at Papagni’s). Six of the wineries are near the 99, with three to the west and another three to the east. The other three of them are further up north on the 41, between Oakhurst and the 145.

I would consider the Madera Wine Trail the Central Valley’s hidden gem; a gem that should be visited especially if you live in Fresno or Fresno County (since the wineries aren’t very far!).

As of last week, it seems as though all of these wineries are open, at least on weekends. Be sure to check out the Madera Wine Trail map (the featured image of this post) for each winery’s hours, website, and number before visiting them.