MB2 Raceway reopens (again)

MB2 Raceway, if you’ve never heard of it, is an indoor kart racing facility. Both their Clovis and their Sylmar locations have resumed racing operations, now that for the time being, Fresno, as with most of California, is getting close to escaping purple tier. Mike and I were actually there last October, before Fresno’s COVID-19 statistics all got out of whack. As you would expect of indoor racing, the interior of the building is massive enough for a good racing experience.

The Karts are electric, so no need to fear carbon monoxide poisoning. The helmets are sanitized, and if you don’t have a helmet sock, you are given a fresh one to keep. The pricing, last I remember, wasn’t that terrible at all, and the racing was very fun, provided you don’t crash into people or the walls (you get a speed reduction penalty; not fun!). MB2 has more activities other than karts, but karts are undoubtedly the main attraction and the one you know is available during these times.

Showing some Black Lives Matter love

We stopped in to check out MB2 Raceway in Clovis this weekend and actually had the time to do a race. Ronan edged me out for the victory by less than three-tenths of a second. I was not OK with that. Lol. I give MB2 an A for their COVID-19 protocols. All the employees were wearing masks (as were we of course) and the facility is so big and spacious it was really easy to socially distance.

While waiting for the staff to reset the track before our race I noticed this t-shirt. I was so down with the sentiment and I thought it was really clever. We have a seen a wide and deep reckoning in this country this year with respect to police brutality and the senseless murder of African Americans.

I loved this shirt and I love (even more) what the Black Lives Matter movement has accomplished on behalf of those who are victims of systemic racism and discrimination. This level of awareness and protest is long over due and I hope we don’t lose sight of the struggle as we vote out this bigoted administration.