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Update on Regal Cinemas renovation at River Park

Pandemic and all, I haven’t walked around River Park until just last week, and I noticed visible construction of the Regal Cinemas there. Since last year in May, it was announced that River Park’s Regal Edwards was going to get a massive facelift, as part of Regal Cinema’s rebranding (they got a new modern looking logo, in case you didn’t notice). At the time, there didn’t seem to be anything happening, (at least from the outside), so it was quickly forgotten.

You can see the exposed ventilation system and the metal skeleton of the building, and the beam for where glass panes will be installed. This will enclose the “mouth” of the old design, the open space of the theater outside where you could stand around to see the movie listing and wait in line to get tickets from the clerk. There’s still much more to be done, with the construction likely finishing in late 2021. As a refresher course, here are all the changes to occur.

The cinema is being renamed from Regal Cinemas at River Park; Edwards no more. These renders show that the interior will be very modern, sleek, and dark themed (almost looks to me like the ideal club). All 22 of the existing auditoriums will be modernized and replaced with new seating. IMAX will be now be accessible in the primary building. And finally, 4DX and ScreenX will be two new features coming. 4DX includes sensory information beyond sound and sight. ScreenX is an immersive 270 degree viewing experience.

Applebee’s debuts saintly sips!

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, Applebee’s bar and grill has debut a couple of great cocktails for the month of March. These “saintly sips” are a couple variations on some classic drinks and they are only $5 any day all day. The first one is the Pot of Gold Colada. This is a variation of the traditional tropical colada with Captain Morgan rum. It’s super tasty and sweet and I highly recommend it. The second one is the Tipsy Leprechaun that features Jameson Irish whiskey, lemon lime juice, and blue cacao. Did I mention that they are only $5 any day all day? Lol.

Pot of Gold Colada. I’m gonna try the Tipsy Leprechaun next time!

I had dinner at the Applebee’s near River Park tonight. I ordered from the 2 for $27 menu and had the 8-ounce sirloin steak with garlic mash potatoes and steam broccoli. I ordered my steak medium well (which should give you just a little pink in the middle) and it was DELICIOUS! Indoor dining still isn’t allowed but we did find a spot in the patio and the heaters were on so it was nice and comfy.

Duck duck goose?

This is definitely from the annals of “something you don’t see everyday” right!? Seriously, they weren’t stressed or the least bit worried about being in the middle of the road and cars driving by. Lol. I just had to slow down, roll down my window, and snap a shot or two. They were the coolest, most calm, jay walkers I have ever seen…with feathers, of course!