Gallows (2015) movie review

With The Gallows Act 2 already making its debut this weekend, I decided to go back and watch the original Gallows. That first Gallows originally released in 2015. Here is the trailer…

It’s a horror movie narrated and seen from the perspective of the to be victims. In case you don’t know, the basic plot is that someone (a kid named Charlie) who played a part in the play “The Gallows” was accidentally killed. Decades later, a new set of high school actors are reenacting the play. Charlie’s restless spirit doesn’t seem to want that play to go forward. What I thought was really cool about this movie is that it’s primarily filmed in Fresno at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium downtown. Having a really cute boy (Reese) added to the appeal of watching it ?.

Since the movie is shot in the perspective of these characters, there is a bunch of shaking. Thankfully, the movie is available in 4K, so the shaking isn’t as awful as it could’ve been (like some low grade SD content) which would be highly reminiscent of cliche horror documentaries. Being in a large, lifeless building with very little light and seeing through the character’s eyes put me on edge throughout the entire movie. I really thought this movie was one of the most unsettling horrors I have watched, which was a highly welcomed change. Rather than focusing on the stupid mistakes of the characters we got to focus on the characters themselves and their palpable fear as they navigated their unfortunate predicament.

Final grade The Gallows (2015): 9/10.