To Bee or not to Bee? The Fresno Bee.

McClatchy operates 30 newsrooms across the country, including The Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star, and of course, The Fresno Bee. McClatchy had filed for bankruptcy in early 2020. Newspapers are to blame. Much money has gone down the drain when advertisers (who once relied on newspapers) pulled their ads. Everything is digital, especially just a decade ago with the invention and widespread usage of the smartphone. Analog mediums in general have been decimated – notably with the fall of Blockbuster (of which Netflix destroyed to everyone’s surprise). The Fresno Bee has only stopped printing Newspapers in early 2020 (with all the other McClatchy subsidiaries stopping around the same time as well).

Bonus fact: When comparing to the Washington Post and The New York Times, their survival stems from the fact they were purchased by Billionaires. The Washington Post is owned by Jim Bezos, CEO of Amazon.