To flush or not to flush? TL;DR ― Flush ONLY Toilet Paper!

This is a decades long problem and debate: Is it safe to flush wipes that are labeled flushable? One may assume that industry and corporations can be trusted on that, but that’s a huge no . Virtually every water and waste treatment organization has had to put out public service announcements and videos telling people not to flush commonplace items (even if they are labeled as flushable). Many homeowners and plumbers; people that actually to deal with these problems, can corroborate that. The reason for this topic today is because of COVID-19, when people probably didn’t have toilet paper (when it was out of stock), and the influx of sanitation wipes that are flushed due to being labeled as flushable.

So, forget what the industry and Corporate America have to say, and stop using the toilet as a water driven trash chute. And to be honest, it is not that difficult to put throw these items in the trash can. Waste water facilities recycling poo water is already tough as it is, so let’s make it our duty to ensure they function smoothly and without difficulties, at least for the sake of the real people that literally have to clean up after our crap. On that note, please think before you pour as well, as some compounds like fat and grease can coalesce with sewage debris to form monsters ― fatbergs.