Toilet paper is the only flushable!

I heard a public service announcement this week on the radio that really caught my attention. Did you know that toilet paper is the ONLY flushable paper that you should flush down the camode? I didn’t. I actually made a note to check out the URL they gave during the spot so I can circle back and make sure I was hearing and understanding it right. While many of us are spending more time home working or sheltering in I thought this was important information to pass along.

Toilet paper is designed to degrade and won’t put any strain on your pipes or the sewer system. Paper towels, napkins, and even disposable wipes are not flushable and are designed to absorb liquids but stay tough and not fall apart. Flushing these items can clog up your plumbing and back up and overflow your sewer system. I had no idea but it makes sense right? Bounty paper towels dub themselves as “the quicker picker upper” because it’s super absorbent does not come apart easily. Even wipes that are tagged as flushable aren’t and should be thrown in the trash.

So remember, toilet paper is the ONLY paper that should be flushed. Paper towels, napkins and disposable wipes should not be flushed down the toilet…even if they are labeled or marketed as flushable. With all of us spending more time at home, and will probably be doing so for the foreseeable future, we should be mindful not to take risks with clogging up the pipes and potentially backing up your sewer system. If you’d like to read more about flushables then check out the dedicated page on the Fresno department of public utilities.