Trump commutes sentence for lackey Roger Stone

Just when you think you have rid yourself of that taste of bile in your mouth the Emperor of the United States has commuted the sentence for his long time friend and ally Roger Stone. This is disgusting, gross even, and makes me sick to my stomach. Roger Stone was convicted earlier this year of 7 criminal counts of lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstruction. While commuting his sentence is materially different than granting him a full pardon it doesn’t bely the point that this president rewards his friends and does everything he can to punish is political enemies.

When I was in graduate school we looked at Hitler and the Nazis as a conduit, mechanism and prime example of what we call the “dark side” of communication.

Using messaging and dog whistles to rally support for evil purposes is not new under the sun. We have just never seen it so grotesquely on display from the leader, or rather the (un)leader, of the free world. Trump, and his henchman Bill Barr, are damaging our democracy and eroding the rule of law in our storied democracy.