UNHINGED to usher in new pandemic era movie season

Academy Award winner Russell Crowe and his portrayal of an emotionally and psychologically unbalanced man is pushed over the edge by an unsuspecting mom on the road is set to debut in exactly two weeks. Some movie theatres across the country are gearing up their marketing rolls for a coronavirus-wary reopening. Regal Theatres are opening on August 21st amid a long laundry list of safety precautions and guidelines. Here is the official trailer:

This film looks like it really packs a punch. My favorite all time Russell Crowe movie will probably always be Gladiator, for which he won an Academy Award, but his movie resume is replete with command performances. I really, really liked him in Boy Erased…

I’m undecided on whether I will venture out to a public movie house just yet but I do like the face mask requirements and the contactless concession options. With so many pockets of the country struggling to contain the spread of COVID-19 it might be worth it to me to say indoors though. We’ll see.