US Census Updates

From Trump attempting to exclude immigrants from the US Census count (for purposes or house apportionment), to Republicans wanting to end the US Census count prematurely, the 2020 US Census is definetely another level of our democracy that needs to be saved. As a reminder, please get counted, encourage people to get counted, and help people get counted if so possible.

Shorting the counting efforts by a month.

At the moment, the Trump nominated U.S. Census Burea’s director has announced his intention to end all US Census counting efforts by September 30th, which was supposed to end by next month instead. This greatly benefits Republicans, since innaccurate data can screw up voting efforts, district political represenation and congressional seats for a state, and state or federal funding. The so called “Patriotic” Republican party sure does hate easy voting. (Heads up to this NPR article, my source for this paragraph).

Excluding undocumented immigrants from US Census data.

The above action will affect House reapportionment, which will most impact make states with relatively large communities of undocumented immigrants. One might think that having states gain seats this way is “wrong”, but consider that the Constition makes it quite clear that congressional apportionment is based on an enumeration of their population (regardless of each person’s citizen ship). Afterall, the same evil spirit that Republicans today exhibit had absolutely no problem with counting enslaved African Americans for the purposes of apportionment. At another point in time, Native Americans who didn’t “pay taxes” were excluded as well. (Heads up to this CBS article, which is my source for this paragraph)