We’re orange!

Since the first of April, Fresno had finally left purple tier, and most people were happy to know that the indoor operations of restaurants and gyms would finally be allowed (at reduced capacity of course), especially with summer heat just around the corner. Just of 4/20, 3 weeks after becoming red, Fresno is now in the orange tier, the first time ever since the tier system was implemented. At this rate, we might see yellow category in a three weeks too (a county must be in a tier for a minimum of 3 weeks before it can enter a lower tier).

In orange tier, wineries and breweries can finally resume indoor operation (bars still excluded, but some still have indoor operations anyway), gyms have more capacity (10% to 25%), and restaurants have more capacity as well (25% to 50%); as such, we can expect substantially shorter queues. Several other central valley counties entered orange tier as well, though Madera still has yet to get the numbers to enter orange, so until then, wineries part of the Madera Wine Trail will still have restrictions, of which I want to visit.